Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Magic Act

Two posts and then a disappearance. That always makes for a good blog, doesn't it?

I found it difficult to save money when we first started this blog, because both of us were unemployed. There's not much saving when there's no income. Four months ago, Justin finally landed a job doing what he loves at a wine shop. While it's awesome, money is still really tight. He got promoted after his manager left, and hopefully the raise will help us out a ton.

Me, on the other hand...I'm still scouring to find a job, and I only have less than a month before my student loans start popping their ugly heads up, and I am over 20k in debt.

I want to start this blog up again, but entries will probably still be sparse until I start making money.

We have been doing things very frugally still. It's not that difficult because we don't have much of a choice.

Some Things We Are Doing To Keep Costs Down

1. We got permission from our neighbor to use their internet connection, as long as we are not uploading/downloading large files and such.

2. When we need to go grocery shopping, we go to Aldi instead of Harris Teeter or Bi Lo. We still go to Bi Lo mainly for produce, but the main shopping is done at Aldi, where we significantly save money.

3. Driving to South Carolina for gas. I know, it seems like driving over the state line is spending more on gas than saving. However, South Carolina is right there -points-. I can see it from my balcony.

4. I have hand-washed socks/shirts/undergarments in the past few months. Not every time, but sometimes.

Those are just a couple things. I've also been going through my closet and am hoping to fill up my Ebay store pretty soon. It's been empty a long time.

The thing on my mind right now is this: Am I brave enough to cut my own hair? I have very dry, very thick, and very curly hair that needs serious attention. I have all the products and whatnot to wash it with, I rarely straighten it, but it has not been trimmed in over a year. I found a great post on Anna Newell Jones' blog but I'm still a bit scared. Does anyone have any advice? I need to get these split ends gone!