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We are Justin and Stephanie. 
We live in a small one bedroom apartment with three cats and an Australian Shepherd. 
We are poor.

We don't look poor in that photo. Nice clothes, standing at a vineyard, etc. However, those clothes are a toss up between gifts, hand-me-downs, and one purchase from Goodwill. The vineyard was during a funded trip to my parents' house.

Why are we poor? Well, I (Stephanie) just graduated from The Art Institute of Charlotte with a Bachelor's degree in graphic design. I had a job there, in the print shop. But that job ceased to be after graduation. Justin is pursuing Viticulture. We are both avidly looking for jobs. We spend most of our days filling out application after application, following up, and sending out resumes.

However, it seems that the jobs we are applying to don't actually exist (though there are ads everywhere) because it has been two and a half months and even small jobs don't seem to be coming through. We had money saved but it has been dwindling due to rent, utilities, and other necessities.

So here we are! This blog is dedicated to our journey in downsizing, selling, reducing, reusing, recycling, and saving. We will share with you our tips and tricks, and hope it helps you in some way.

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